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更美好的事 第四季 更美好的事 第四季

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博士之日 博士之日
  1. 肖申克的救赎
  2. 神探夏洛克:最后的誓言
  3. 二战全史
  4. 教父

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拣选 拣选
  1. SCAM 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story
  2. 绝命毒师 第一季
  3. 荒野大镖客:救赎
  4. 神探夏洛克 第二季

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WayVision WayVision
  1. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Season 1
  2. 假唱大比拼 第二季
  3. Best of the Worst Season 1
  4. 2015年英国皇家大汇演

风骚律师 第五季 (2020) (TV36)

8.9/10 5,820
风骚律师 第五季
类型 剧情 / 犯罪
地区 美国
语言 英语
上映日期 2020-02-23
季数 5
IMDb号 tt8772146

分集 (TV36)

“你的正义不迟到!”——索尔·古德曼,法律事务代理人,(505) 842-5662


剧照 (TV36)

风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季 风骚律师 第五季

影评 (TV36)

Jimmy's on the decline, While Saul's rising.
A seriously great episode of better call Saul! Honestly one of the best. The montages in this show really are a thing of beauty! Kim is one of the best supporting characters in any show I've watched, she's very good at acting with her face, with no words needed.
游客评论 Sat Sep 12 2020
Photography is spectacular
The last scene where the handrail cuts the image into two parts is perfectly composed. The left part (higher stairs) is putting oppression on the right part (lower stairs in the corner) where Kim stands, which subtly expresses her anxiety and pressure for what she did. And the color tone is turned into dark blue from warm orange in the court, indicating a loss of justice and degeneration of character.
游客评论 Sat Sep 12 2020
. By the way, I would like to mention one VERY interesting detail that operators use more than once. Here she is in the scene with a bag of sweets in the machine. It would seem: Why did they show us this? But if you look closely, you can notice an interesting relationship between a bag of sweets and Kim's customers. The bottom line is that at first acquaintance Jimmy is trying to get a bag in an honest way by paying his money, but he does not want to get out. Also with Kim, because playing honestly, she could not convince customers. And as if to finally get this bag, it was necessary to do a little odd act, well, also with Kim. And I use Google Translator to convey my thoughts, so forgive me if you did not quite understand me.
游客评论 Sat Sep 12 2020

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