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TV36 在线播放链接推荐

TV36 推荐

绝命毒师  第二季 绝命毒师 第二季

TV36 热门电影

博士之日 博士之日
  1. 肖申克的救赎
  2. 神探夏洛克:最后的誓言
  3. 二战全史
  4. 教父

TV36 热门电视剧

拣选 拣选
  1. Aspirants
  2. SCAM 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story
  3. 绝命毒师 第一季
  4. 荒野大镖客:救赎

TV36 热门综艺

鲁保罗变装皇后全明星 第七季 鲁保罗变装皇后全明星 第七季
  1. 一往无前的蓝
  2. 地狱厨房(美版) 第二十季
  3. 区区有鬼故
  4. WayVision

绝命毒师 第一季 (2008) (TV36)

9.5/10 1,393,748
绝命毒师 第一季
类型 剧情 / 犯罪
地区 美国
语言 英语 / 西班牙语
上映日期 2008-01-20
季数 1
IMDb号 tt0903747

分集 (TV36)

新墨西哥州的高中化学老师沃尔特·H·怀特(布莱恩·科兰斯顿 Bryan Cranston 饰)是拮据家庭的唯一经济来源。他大半生安分守己,兢兢业业,却在50岁生日之际突然得知自己罹患肺癌晚期的噩耗,原本便不甚顺意的人生顿时雪上加霜。

为了保障怀孕的妻子斯凯勒(安娜·冈 Anna Gunn 饰)和残疾的儿子小沃特能在自己死后衣食无忧,沃尔特决意铤而走险。他主动找到曾经的学生、而今的毒贩小混混杰西·平克曼(亚伦·保尔 Aaron Paul 饰)谈合作,并运用娴熟高超的化学技术提炼出高纯度冰毒交给后者贩售。孰料事态的发展却在平克曼带回毒品供销商疯狂小八及其表弟后急转直下,沃尔特的人生也由此彻底步向失控。他被迫开始了教书与制毒的双重生活,逐渐坠落至万劫不复的深渊。

剧照 (TV36)

绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季 绝命毒师 第一季

影评 (TV36)

Best tv series ever i watched
The perfomance of every actor is really awesome. Hats off the direction walter white, jessy pink, gus fring, saul goodman ,mike,hank ,skyler done brillant acting. This series mainly showcase the life of a middle class family the problems they are facing both finacially and socially. I can't define the series in this review . If you want experience the brillant story behind must watch. very classically dramatically narrated the awsome story. Do watch and get into the life of walter white.
游客评论 Mon Sep 28 2020
Genuis perfect
I started to watch it because of a peer pressure. In the beginning I was kind of regretting because it was too slow and boring but when the passed it got more and more interesting. The last season is the best season of breaking bad. How genius Walter White was!!! That how a simple school teacher ended up . The ending is really very sad . Honestly Breaking Bad now comes on 3rd rank after GOT and Money Heist . I really wanted to give full rating but because of it's slow ending and some boring episode I had to give 9. Thank you Breaking Bad
游客评论 Mon Sep 28 2020
'The Godfather' in tv, divided in 5 seasons
Episode after episode, season after season, Breaking Bad continues to improve, one of the most common problems in tv shows is that it loses its essence and quality with the passage of time, GoT, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead and Other shows have suffered from this problem, you can rest assured that Breaking Bad at no time becomes boring or incoherent, and this is partly thanks to the excellent script work that the series has, each episode written with total mastery, at the height of the greatest dramas in cinema and the tragedies of Shekespeare, no episode in this series will leave you indifferent, each of them maintains its own essence and does not become repetitive, the story seems to get more and more intricate and at some point the moment needs rest equivalent cumulative stress, but BrBa is so addicting that you won't be able to stop.
游客评论 Mon Sep 28 2020

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