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博士之日 博士之日
  1. 肖申克的救赎
  2. 神探夏洛克:最后的誓言
  3. 二战全史
  4. 教父

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拣选 拣选
  1. SCAM 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story
  2. 绝命毒师 第一季
  3. 荒野大镖客:救赎
  4. 神探夏洛克 第二季

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惊奇的回归 惊奇的回归
  1. WayVision
  2. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Season 1
  3. 假唱大比拼 第二季
  4. Best of the Worst Season 1

天空市凶案 (2020) (TV36)

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类型 剧情 / 惊悚 / 犯罪
地区 美国
语言 英语
上映日期 2020-11-17
IMDb号 tt11794642

分集 (TV36)

ABC的《天空市凶案 The Big Sky》由David E. Kelley主创,改编自C.J. Box的「Cassie Dewell」小说系列首集《The Highway》。

《天空市凶案》讲述私人侦探Cassie Dewell及前警察Jenny Hoyt合作调查蒙大拿州一条偏僻公路的绑架案,在案中有两名姐妹被一名卡车司机绑走。然而当两人深入调查时竟然发现受害者不止两人,现在主角们得争分夺秒下抓到凶手,阻止他再绑架其他女子。

编剧 (TV36)

大卫·E·凯利 大卫·E·凯利

剧照 (TV36)

天空市凶案 天空市凶案

影评 (TV36)

Unrealistic is a compliment
This is the most unrealistic show I have witnessed in my entire life. The girls 2016 Ford Fusion getting overheated and then immediately passing a truck? The wife and friend-of-wife sleeping with the same guy without ever suspecting a thing? The murderer happening to turn at the same turn to Yellowstone? Immediately telling the audience who the serial killer is? The serial killer not actually killing? I hope to God this show gets canceled instantly. This is why people switch to streaming. So disappointed in mainstream tv networks right now.
游客评论 Wed Nov 18 2020
Music, scenery - good. The rest?
Is it wrong that the dialogue and acting made me giggle?
游客评论 Wed Nov 18 2020
Just what we need, another chick power production.
Not even the beauteous Katheryn Winnick will be able to save this thing. Two women, one black, one white vs. evil..... in Montana nonetheless. Trying to drag in some Yellowstone fans? LOL
游客评论 Wed Nov 18 2020

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